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Boat Houses, Cradle Lifts, Sling Lifts

Specializing in Custom Boat Houses in the Gulf Coast Area, a number of boat house features are offered. Boat houses can range from 500 -1500 ft of deck space over your boat lift for fun in the sun action during the summer. Topping that area with tables, chairs, wet bars, palapas, including electrical and water on the top deck. 

Along with the boat lift, custom jet ski lifts can be built right in. Boat lifts include sling lifts and cradle lifts ranging from 5k-25k lbs. What ever your boat requires, it can be built with lengths accommodating 10 to 75 feet. The boat lifts can also include optional remotes to operate from land or aboard the vessel. Construction of the boat house can be on either square or round pilings and either be wrapped in hardy board or left green. Custom bumper wrap is available in black or white.

Lighting packages are also available for all your needs including green lights for fishing or LED lights for both illumination or mood lighting. 

Matching the roof pitch of your home is a nice touch as your new boathouse can be roofed with shingles, metal, or tile. Custom boat houses can be tied to your existing pier or if you don't have a pier one can built of any size and be constructed of either composite or wood materials, commercial or residential. 

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